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Make Concur Travel & Expense Solutions a part of your super team.


Gain incredible spend visibility by collecting data previously siloed and inaccessible with AI, Machine Learning, and other innovative tools. Uphold compliance, spot supplier direct costs, and keep everything in plain view. Use your new abilities to recognize patterns and then take action to solve business challenges.


Tap into the flexibility and strength needed to respond and pivot through sudden changes without disrupting business outcomes. When you and your team combine powers, super agility allows you to stay on top of everything from VAT reclaim and mobile spending to industry-specific tax and regulatory requirements. And in case of an emergency, you’ll be able to get your travelers to safety with amazing speed.

Bionic Business Intelligence

With hyper-powered senses, you’ll instantly innovate to stay one step ahead of employee experiences and expectations, increasing the impact and adoption of your travel program. Near real-time dashboards make it simple to request travel, manage itineraries, create expense reports, and track mileage, while connecting travelers to top travel brands employees love.

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We are making sure our employees understand the importance of ‘duty of care’. That this is not just the company responsibility, but that this starts with the employees first. They have to own this end to end.
Our challenge has been getting our employees to read, much less adhere to our T&E policies, thus we are now communicating company wide an abbreviated version of ‘what is allowed and what is not allowed’ for T&E an for the employees to do the ‘right thing’ for the company. Keeping it simple!
One thing we have decided to evolve is our strategic thinking regarding our travel and expense programs. We have moved away from a ‘command and control’ approach to one now which promotes ‘enabling and empowering’ the employees with choice.
We are now focusing on total travel spend transparency, irrespective of the booking source. Concur Triplink is enabling us to focus on all of our travel communities preferred booking channels and helping to eliminate out of program spend’.

If your travel and expense is not integrated you are missing out on valuable data for your company and not providing a seamless experience for your travelers.

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